3 Challenges in Operating Hand Pallet Trucks in Warehouse and Manufacturing Industry

Hand Pallet Trucks

In a world where everything has to be faster and more efficient than ever, it can be difficult to decide what equipment to invest in. One of the most important choices you’ll make is whether or not you should purchase a hand pallet truck for your business.


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What is a hand pallet truck?

You may have heard the term “hand pallet truck” before, but what exactly is a hand pallet truck? A hand pallet truck is a small, light-duty pallet truck that can be used for loading and unloading goods. 


Hand Pallet Jack Anatomy
photo credits: Toyota Material Handling

The top part of the HPT consists of a handle and control lever. On the other hand, the base has steer wheels, a hydraulic pump, and steel frames. The wheels at either end allow you to propel your load with ease.


Hand pallet trucks are also called hand pallet jacks or simply dollies. A large version of this tool is known as a low-bed semi-trailer. It’s loaded from above rather than below because it doesn’t have sides like other trailers!


Choosing between nylon and steel wheel

Nylon wheels are lighter and more durable than steel wheels, but steel wheels are more durable and better for rough terrain. They are ideal for dry conditions, such as those found in storage facilities. 


On the other hand, steel wheels are preferable for wet conditions, such as those found in a warehouse where there may be a lot of water on the floor. They also work well on smooth floors like those found in factories or office buildings. 


They do not get caught up in crevices that could slow down your pallet truck movement or increase wear and tear on other parts of your equipment. No matter what wheel material you choose, you should always follow the manufacturer’s general maintenance guidelines to preserve them longer.


Challenges you need to know when operating HPT

Hand pallet trucks are an integral part of any warehouse or manufacturing operation, especially during the busy season. However, some challenges come with using hand pallet trucks that you must consider before making your purchase decision. 


We’ll go over those challenges here so that you can make an informed decision about investing in this type of equipment:


Challenge #1: Flexibility

Although hand pallet trucks are easier to store and have lower environmental impacts than forklifts, they have a limited weight allowance. That’s why the materials you can move are lesser than those using forklifts.


They also require specialized training for safe operation, which means additional costs for employers who want to hire employees trained in this technology.


Challenge #2: Efficiency

Using a hand pallet truck can be difficult if your business has multiple stories within its facility (for example, separate offices on different floors). You have to tow products in long stairway journeys between floors at each end of the day or during lunch breaks! 


That’s why you must pay extra for good quality hand pallet trucks with adjustable heights to fit into spaces where traditional forklifts cannot go. This means you don’t have to dismantle anything first – saving time again!


Challenge #3: Safety

Safety is a challenge in using pallet hand truck because getting a good grip on the pallet is hard. The pallet hand truck is not designed for people to use as a normal cart, so it cannot be easy to hold onto the pallet and push or pull it simultaneously.


The weight of the load can also be too much for one person to handle. In addition to the risk of injury, it is harder for the driver to control the truck and keep it from tipping over or bouncing off of other objects.


 Here are some tips for using hand pallet trucks safely:

  • Position yourself so that you can see where the forks are at all times, even if it means standing slightly off-center from your path of travel.
  • Don’t try to lift heavy loads by yourself—use two or more people instead! 
  • Make sure that your workplace is well-lit and clear. That’s so there’s plenty of room around you to move freely without accidentally hitting anything or anyone else while working with your forklift(s).


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