3 Ways To Maintain Safe Forklift Operation

Safe Forklift Operation

If you operate a forklift, it’s critical to keep safe forklift operation top of mind. Forklifts are an essential tool for many industrial facilities, and they’re often used on a daily basis. 


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However, safety must be taken seriously to avoid injuries or damage to your equipment or facility. Read on to know the other ways to ensure the safe use of forklifts.

1. A Well-trained Team of Operators Can Make All the Difference

They are the cornerstone of a safe and productive workplace. While it’s important to have a solid training program, this forklift safe operating procedure program must be tailored to the individual operator and their environment.


Training should cover each aspect of forklift safe operating procedure, from how to use the equipment safely and efficiently. It should also include guidance on proper maintenance and safety procedures for handling special challenges. It can be the weather conditions and any other relevant concerns that may come up on your facility or job site.


In addition, training should be tailored based on whether you’re operating inside or outside. What kind of space will you be working in if it’s indoors? Is it going to be a warehouse or a factory? If outdoors, what kind of weather can you expect? 


2. Be Familiar With Your Forklift Capabilities and Facility’s Layout

Forklift operations can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with your machine. That’s why it’s important to know the:

  • forklift’s weight limit
  • maximum and minimum turning radius
  • allowed speed in certain areas 
  • hazardous materials precautions
  • other safety features


Even if you have a great understanding of your forklift’s capabilities and the layout of the facility, it is always a good idea to review the forklift handbook on how to use a forklift safely. This is to ensure there have not been any recent changes or updated safety precautions. 


3. Stay Alert and Pay Attention to What’s Going On Around You

One of the basics on how to use a forklift safely is using mirrors to look out for pedestrians before moving. You can also use mirrors to check blind spots to ensure you’re not going to hit anything or anyone while moving.


For safe use of forklifts, you should also not operate on anything that might fall off and hit someone else, like construction materials or tools lying on the ground. This also applies if you’re moving something heavy. 


As for the facility where you’re operating your forklift, you should also know if there are restrictions on where you can go with your forklift based on aisle widths and heights. 


You must also be aware of any overhead obstructions or other hazards that could be harmful to people in your workplace or damage equipment. It can be lighting fixtures or sprinkler systems, and stay away from those areas.


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