How is Warehouse Logistics Changing and Improving the Distribution Process?

How is Warehouse Logistics Changing and Improving the Distribution Process? |

What are the roles and effects of new technology in the development of the distribution process?

Advancements in technology are pushing warehousing and logistics to evolve faster than ever before. Different companies are eager to invest in such technologies to get ahead of their competition. This will allow them to reduce their overhead expenses and improve order accuracy without sacrificing the speed of deliveries. Although it may be hard to accomplish all of that, new technologies offer solutions.

According to Reports and Data, a marketing intelligence and strategic consulting firm, the warehousing automation market is projected to reach $120.8 billion in 2027 from $46.97 billion in 2019. This growth is associated with the increasing demand for reducing human resources, booming of the eCommerce platform, and increasing automated operation.

Many businesses now realize the advantages of using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to simplify the picking process. They are computer-controlled load carriers that navigate through a facility using sensors and software. These vehicles automatically move packages inside a warehouse. Their sensors allow them to avoid collisions and accidents. They are also updated in real-time, so they can retrieve items whenever a new order is placed.

Many types of AGVs can cater to different warehouse conditions, but they are most suitable for large warehousing operations. In these conditions, large volumes of goods need to be moved as fast as possible. AGVs may take the place of human workers so they won’t have to operate forklifts and scale shelves the whole day.

Driverless forklifts are also becoming popular right now. These trucks automatically pick a product and move it to the loading dock or lower it to ground level so that workers can easily get the item.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses historical data, statistics, modelling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make predictions about the future. Why is this important to warehousing and logistics?

Research shows that predictive analytics allows businesses to engage with their customers better in different ways. Predictive analytics gives you new insights regarding your customers’ preferences and behavior, making it easier to forecast what products will be in demand and when. Aside from improving your customer service, you will also know what products you have to stock up on.

The data provided by predictive analytics can be used to streamline your warehouse operations. Knowing the consumers’ pulse gives you a lot of benefits. You can reposition the more popular merchandise closer to the loading dock, package items that are commonly bought together, or discard items that aren’t productive at all. Put your less in-demand products further away from the loading dock and busy picking aisles to increase efficiency. Doing so will save you time and money.

Optimizing Packaging and Reducing Waste

The packaging is another aspect of warehousing and logistics that could be optimized. Excessing packaging is common for many products. However, this practice results in wasted materials, time, and effort.

Workers need to break down boxes and recycle wrapping materials to comply with environmental regulations. But this process adds to your maintenance costs as well. By reducing the packaging you use as much as possible, not only you reduce the wastes that need to be dealt with, your workers will also have more time to do other important tasks. Find new ways of packaging your products safely without using too much plastic and cardboard.

Using industrial wire baskets for storage and shipping is advisable. They are completely reusable and are quite durable, so you won’t have to order new ones every time. You can also see through them so your workers won’t have to open these containers to check what’s inside.

Moving Forward

Even with the newest technology in hand, you will need proper maintenance to keep your warehouse operations at their best. Meaning, you need quality service and parts for your equipment. Wholesale Industrial Parts has a variety of parts and tires that will help you maintain your trucks in top condition, and you can get them at the most competitive prices! Contact us, and we can provide them to you.