How to Replace the Wheels on a Pallet Jack

The pallet jack’s wheels are usually the first parts that break down because they carry all the weight and take most of the brunt while moving the load, especially when the flooring is less than ideal. Hence, you need to replace them if you see the “signs” explained below: 

  • When your wheels are almost worn to the rim, you need to replace them immediately lest they damage the floor. 
  • If there is any crack on your wheels, it simply means that they are ready to retire. Don’t ignore any visible fissure because it could lead to wheels bursting, which of course can lead to accidents. 
  • If you see flat spots on the tread, you need to replace the wheel. Ignoring the problem will not just cause damage to the floor but also make the pallet jack difficult to maneuver. 
  • The wheels are supposed to be a perfect circle. Hence, if their shape looks asymmetric, it simply means they are ready to retire. 
  • If the bearing is broken, the fastest and quickest solution is to fit your pallet jacket with a new wheel instead of replacing the bearing itself–a tricky process that may cause additional damage to other parts. 


Now that you know the signs that your pallet jack’s wheels are ready to retire, let’s proceed to the next step–the tools you’ll need to replace the fork wheels. 

  • A small and a large mandrel 
  • Hammer 
  • New high-quality wheels

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How to Replace the Fork Wheels 

  1. Raise the forks to full height. 
  2. Turn it upside down. 
  3. Using a small mandrel and a hammer, remove the four tension pins. 
  4. Remove the axle. 
  5. Fit the new wheels and put the axle back in place. 
  6. Using a large mandrel, set the tension pins back in place.
  7. Repeat the steps mentioned above to the other side. 


Meanwhile, if you need to remove and replace the steering wheels, you need a different set of tools, which are explained below:

  • Snap ring rod
  • New steering wheels 
  • Snap ring rod 


How to Replace the Steering Wheels 

  1. Raise the forks to full height. 
  2. Turn it upside down. 
  3. Remove the protective cap. 
  4. Using a snap ring rod, remove the snap ring. 
  5. Slowly pull the wheel from its axle. 
  6. Thrust the new wheel into the axle. 
  7. Place the snap ring using the snap ring rod. 
  8. Put the protective cap back in place.
  9. Repeat the steps mentioned above to the other side


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