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Wholesale Industrial Parts focuses on being your number one source for your forklift parts. Our goal is to provide replacement parts for all the top manufacturers. To help you in locating the correct replacement parts, below are some helpful information about a few of the manufacturers we provide replacement parts for.


We Have Your Forklift Covered

The Promatch® parts program, available exclusively through your authorized Promatch dealer, is designed to be your single source for reliable replacement parts, no matter which forklift brand you operate. With thousands of part numbers, crossing to millions of applications, we have the parts you need to service your entire fleet!


Keep your forklifts running strong with Promatch® parts. Promatch parts are manufactured by some of the best component and original part manufacturers. For example, Baldwin Filters, Cascade Kenhar®, Curtis®, General Electric®, Goodyear®, IMPCO Technologies Inc., and Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Promatch parts are carefully selected and routinely sampled and inspected.

GNB Battery Technologies


– Absorbed Glass Mat Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries made by GNB have revolutionized the electric lift truck industry by using a technology that combines the dependable power of our lead-acid batteries with the convenience of VRLA technology. They virtually eliminate the mess and hazards associated with typical battery maintenance, making it cleaner, safer and easier to use.


– GNB offers both flooded flat and tubular plate technologies that require periodic water addition.

Gel (VRLA)

– GNB has applied its Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) gel technology to convenient bloc sizes. Available in 12 Volt Group U1, 22NF, 24, 27, and 30H/31 sizes, Element® Gel blocs are perfect for small light duty motive power applications; wheelchairs, scrubbers, sweepers, personal carriers, maintenance and aerial lifts, and neighborhood electric vehicles.


– GNB offers a complete range of high frequency, fast charge, SCR, and Ferroresonant chargers.


– GNB can provide a wide variety of battery accessories that include single-point watering kits, battery monitoring devices, and electrolyte level sensors.


Genuine spare parts and dealer expertise

Manitou is a proud distributor of genuine spare parts. By contacting your dealer and entrusting them with the upkeep and maintenance of your machine, you can be certain that only parts manufactured in perfect compliance with the original standards will be used.

Availability and quick delivery

Our 8 distribution centres around the world (in France, Italy, the USA, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Singapore) are able to quickly meet your needs with over 60,000 types of spare parts available. Orders are delivered within 24 hours for Europe and 48 hours for the United States.

Manitou can guarantee its spare parts service for over 220,000 specific parts up to 10 years from machines being introduced on the market.

Our dealership network consists of 1,300 points of sale worldwide with spare parts for current machines always kept well stocked, with our dealers happy to help you decide which part to order as well as carry out the replacement



Thombert is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polyurethane wheels and tires for narrow aisle lift trucks. For over 60 years, we’ve been a trusted source for engineered products offering our customers maximum service life. From concept to production, only Thombert can deliver the engineering and application experience you need to get the job done. You get the longest ride and the best value in the industry.

Thombert delivers

If our products do not last longer than the brand you’re now using (other than our own product) you get your money back. Simple as that.

OEMs worldwide depend on our engineering expertise to deliver polyurethane wheels and tires that exceed performance expectations. By working with your engineering staff, Thombert can develop a product for your specific lift truck application.

Thombert offers the lowest cost per hour in the material handling industry



Your customers can count on genuine Mitsubishi forklift trucks parts to help keep their costs down and forklifts running at peak productivity. They can rest assured that their OEM part is manufactured to meet original equipment design criteria. Additionally, all Mitsubishi forklift trucks OEM parts include a six-month, unlimited hours warranty.



Decreasing your operating costs even further

Choosing Continental tires can decrease your TCO even more, particularly when you consider the non-tire cost factors, including fuel savings, downtime savings plus safety & comfort for your drivers. To be able to keep your fuel consumption to a minimum, your tires need to have low rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is the force needed to keep a wheel rolling. It is mainly influenced by the dynamic properties of the rubber, but also by the construction, geometry, load and tire temperature. Most important is the damping of the rubber, low damping means less internal losses, therefore, less rolling resistance and less heat generation to avoid overheating tires. Around 20% of your truck’s energy consumption is needed just to overcome the tires rolling resistance. Using low rolling resistance tires can provide you with fuel savings of up to 6% and also help to reduce your carbon footprint.


For 40 years ECCO has designed and manufactured some of the world’s most effective and innovative visual and audible warning equipment for commercial vehicles, providing superior protection and enhanced safety both on job sites and out on the road.

As the leading manufacturer of reversing safety products and amber warning lights, ECCO’s years of specialist expertise in the industry enable us to deliver extremely robust, effective and reliable products that utilize the most up to date technology.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes:

  • Beacons
  • Minibars
  • Lightbars
  • Directional Lights
  • Work lamps
  • Back-Up Alarms
  • Camera Systems
  • Accessories


Engineered Fork Products Cascade makes forks for all makes, models and sizes & mdash; at a price that helps keep you competitive. Our comprehensive product line includes a full range of fork products for a wide cross-section of industrial and commercial applications including:


Stainless Steel Clad Forks For use in highly sanitary applications such as the food and beverage industry.


Spark Retardant Forks For hazardous locations and atmospheres.


Carpet Rams Long round poles designed to handle carpet rolls.


Folding Forks These forks fold up to enable lift trucks to manoeuver in areas where movement is restricted, i.e. elevators.


Shaft Forks To suit all pin-type carriages.


Fork Extensions Used to extend the length of the fork blade when handling longer loads.

Coil Handling Forks Blade is contoured to handle coils. Capacity is reduced according to the size of the contour.


Bolt-On Forks.


Lumber and Plywood Forks Forged heel, square heel, single taper, double taper, with or without Peek-A-Boo backs.

Drum Forks Fast material handling of barrels and drums.


Block Forks Allow secure handling of bricks and blocks.