When Should You Replace Your Forklifts?

Our forks provide the extra muscle that we need in our daily business operations. We rely on them for their strength, durability, and efficiency but our forklifts are also not invincible to wear and tear and the bumps and bruises of the daily mobility requirements in our facilities could easily damage them. To avoid this from happening, we’ve compiled some pointers  to help you determine if it’s time to maintain, repair, or replace your forklifts.

  1. Electric type forklifts that have an annual usage of less than 2,000 hours with light load can be extended to a maximum of seven years. Given that the unit is provided with regular periodic maintenance and has not suffered a major accident that required the replacement of a stock component. Meanwhile, electric type forklifts that were used for more than 2,000 hours with light load annually have a shorter lifespan that is recorded at six years maximum. This is considering that its maintenance schedules have been followed and it has not gone under any major repair.


  1. Forklifts that have carried heavier load will have a shorter life. For electric types that were utilized for heavy lifting but were used for less than 2,000 hours in a year, its life can be extended to a good six years, with proper maintenance and care. For forklifts that were used for more than 2,000 hours every year on heavy load, its life is, at the maximum, pegged at five years.


  1. Internal combustion type forks, units that have been used for light loading for less than 2,000 hours a year can be used for at most five years. With proper care and maintenance, life can be extended for up to six years. For combustion types that have been used for light load for more than 2,000 hours annually, the unit’s life is expected to last up to four years and five if properly maintained.


  1. For internal combustion used on heavy loading for less than 2,000 hours every year, its lifespan can be extended to a maximum of five years with proper handling. Unfortunately, for those used for more than 2,000 hours annually on heavy load, units can only last up to four years.


Proper maintenance plays a huge role in keeping our forklifts efficient and economical for the business. Some things that need to be maintained include changing forklift batteries on time which will help the unit last longer. Another thing to check is making sure the straps and wheels are intact to ensure smooth daily operations.

When we buy forklifts, we often think that we can use the machine forever. Sadly, it also has its limits. The key to not getting hurt when it is time to replace our old reliable forks is to make sure we plan for its replacement early on.

It would also help to find a reliable and honest contractor who can maintain these machines for us to keep them in good condition. When considering getting a new unit, carefully survey brands and stores. Those with good names will be spoken by other companies without a fuss, so listen to your market. So, there you have it, hope our short tips and tricks will help you decide with what you need to do with your current units. If you need more help, contact us and we’ll tell you the right thing to do.