When To Replace the Tires of Your Pallet Truck

Tires of Your Pallet Truck

If you use a pallet truck for your business, you know the importance of investing in a good quality tire. 


The wheels on a pallet truck can directly impact its effectiveness. The wheels are not only there to provide movement but also to help with steering and load-bearing. In that regard, it simply cannot function correctly with damaged or worn tires – they could damage merchandise, cause scratches on the flooring, worker injuries, and more. 

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Replacing your pallet truck’s tires is absolutely vital to ensure safety, maximize productivity, and minimize unnecessary expenses. Here are a few useful tips to help you determine if it’s time to replace your pallet truck’s tires.


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The tire has cracks on the surface

A pallet truck tire is made up of an inner tube and an outer casing. The outer casing protects the inner tube from punctures, while the inner tube functions as a cushion between the wheel and its axle. 


Because pallet trucks are used to transport heavy loads, the constant friction between the tire and the road causes a lot of wear and tear. If this continues without appropriate replacements, cracks will start appearing on the surface of your pallet truck’s tires.


These cracks are not only unsightly, but they’re also increasingly dangerous for both you and your cargo. They usually indicate that the tires have been stretched beyond their elastic limit and are starting to break down. With your pallet truck’s structural integrity compromised, it would not be able to function properly and would be unsafe to use.

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There are flat spots on the tire

A flat spot on your pallet’s truck tire means it’s not moving as smoothly as it should be and isn’t providing maximum traction. This can lead to damage to the wheel, loss of control, and even an accident.


You can usually tell if your tire has a flat spot, as you will typically feel a vibration when rolling. If you continue driving with a flat spot, more force is required to move the pallet truck, which can prove to be detrimental to your floors and the pallet truck itself.


The outside rim of the tire is worn out

The rim, which holds your pallet truck’s tire onto its wheel, is usually made of steel or aluminum. Despite its strong material, it’s still prone to damage if it’s constantly hitting rough surfaces or sharp objects. The following signs will tell you if your tires’ rims are worn out:

  • the tread of the tire is shallow
  • your pallet truck has trouble accelerating or braking
  • you hear a humming sound when in use
  • the tire feels soft and spongy when you press on it


If you notice any indications that the rims on your pallet truck are damaged, they must be replaced as soon as possible before the floor or your cargo suffers any damage.


The load starts moving unsteadily

If you’re using a pallet truck to move a load of heavy boxes and the pallet starts to slip around on the floor, it’s time to replace your tires. You can also tell when it’s time for new tires when it becomes difficult to turn sharp corners. Avoid accidents or injuries by acting quickly and getting your tires replaced.

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When it comes to pallet trucks, there are a few different factors you’ll have to consider when deciding when it’s time to replace the tires. Generally speaking, they should ideally be replaced when they start showing any signs of trouble.


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