Why eCommerce Is the Solution to Procuring Hard-to-Find Material Handling Parts

Why eCommerce Is the Solution to Procuring Hard-to-Find Material Handling Parts

In the past, finding replacement parts for material handling equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, and side loaders was a bit of a challenge, especially with not-so-commonly-used brands. However, the advent of eCommerce has made it easier to procure parts commonly needed in the warehouse and logistics industry.

Nonetheless, not all eCommerce shops are created equal. For example, at Wholesale Industrial Parts, we don’t just carry hard-to-find replacement parts, but we also have a dedicated team of customer service representatives who can help you locate parts that are not commonly found in brick-and-mortar stores and other online shops.


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Why eCommerce Is the Solution

From the buyer’s perspective, eCommerce websites provide convenience when it comes to finding and purchasing replacement parts and accessories. By simply clicking the items from the product listing, you can place orders in a short amount of time, without you even having to leave the comfort of your office or home.

Additionally, eCommerce allows you to purchase items at any time of the day; this is critical in the warehouse industry where just a few hours of downtime could mean reduced revenue. By contrast, brick-and-mortar stores are rarely open 24/7, seven days a week.

At Wholesale Industrial Parts, we stock thousands of material handling parts, including those hard-to-find accessories. This means that when you place your order, it’s immediately shipped to your address. Again, the quick transaction offered by eCommerce is a surefire way to minimize downtime and revenue loss caused by delays.


Other benefits of eCommerce to buyers

eCommerce shops like Wholesale Industrial Parts usually have a more comprehensive product listing compared to physical stores and distributors.

Reputable eCommerce shops put customer service at the heart of their operation. For this reason, Wholesale Industrial Parts has a dedicated staff who can help you locate “niche” and hard-to-find parts. This value-added service is what keeps our customers coming back.

Thanks to eCommerce software and its infrastructure, it’s now easy to place and track your order. Gone are the days when the delivery guy would just arrive at your doorstep unannounced.

Thanks to a more comprehensive product listing, you have more power as a consumer because you can compare different products, brands, models, and prices to save money and get the best deal. Additionally, you can read product reviews from other users to further make an informed decision.

In most cases, it’s cheaper to maintain an eCommerce store than a brick-and-mortar shop because there is no rent to pay, and the number of staff is greatly reduced. For this reason, you may notice that the replacement parts are way more affordable when you buy them from eCommerce.


The fastest way to get your parts, and get back to work.

eCommerce solves most of the issues commonly found in your local distribution centers and brick-and-mortar stores. By sourcing your replacement parts from this online platform, you get to save money, reduce downtime, and find even the trickiest to procure accessories and replacement parts for material handling equipment.

If you need a reliable provider of hard-to-find replacement parts, visit Wholesale Industrial Parts and choose from thousands of material handling parts, tires, shop supplies, seats, and other accessories that we ship anywhere in the US.